Single password. Reliable security. 


EntryKeyID is a secure way to login. This tool lets you create an account to use our secure portals.

Your email address and password give you permission to log in and manage your health plans.

EntryKeyID uses two steps to verify your access to a secure portal:

  1. Username (email address)
  2. Password

You need two accounts. Use your:

  • EntryKeyID login account to access secure portals.
  • Online health plan account to see and manage your health plan.

EntryKeyID can only be accessed from:

  • A health plan’s login link on a public page
  • An email sent to you by EntryKeyID support

Yes. You need to register your health plan account to see any details.

Yes. But, you will not be able to see the secure areas of a health plan portal.

Yes. You will be prompted to register your health plan membership the next time you log in.

Log into the portal with your EntryKeyID account:

  1. Locate the login link for the new plan that you want to register.
  2. On the login screen, click “Create New Account.”
  3. Complete the registration process.
  4. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for each health plan you want to register.

Go to your health plan’s website. Log in. Start using EntryKeyID.